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Associated partners

In addition to the partner institutions, the following three associated partners provide specific training courses, focused dissemination opportunities and industry placements to the research fellows as well as unparalleled opportunities regarding the outreach of the REFINE project:


accelopment AG

accelopment AG provides professional services to universities and companies regarding the manage-ment, dissemination and exploitation of R&D projects in the environment, energy and the life science sectors

Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI)

The Dutch Polymer Institute is a public-private partnership to perform pre-competitive research into polymers and their application, linking scientific knowledge to the industrial need for innovation. Currently 40 international companies in polymer science and engineering and 44 knowledge institutes, throughout the world, are committed partners of DPI.

European Polymer Federation (EPF)

The EPF is the roof organisation of national polymer groups in Europe (non profit organisation, members from 23 countries) The EPF is concerned with the co-ordination and stimulation of activities of European countries in the areas of science, technology and applications of synthetic and natural macromolecules. It encourages co-operation in and promote advancement of education, research and development in polymer science and technology among member bodies.