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Scientific expertise for young researchers

REFINE will offer the highest level of training to young researchers based on a modular system. This will allow them to gain a wide range of new scientific expertise including biotechnology, organic synthesis, polymer synthesis and characterisation, material science, supercritical fluids, thin-film applications (coatings, surfaces, etc.) and many others. In addition, special complementary training will be offered at the Graduate schools of the academic partners or at the network level: scientific workshops, participation in meetings, organisation of work, how to plan a PhD, scientific writing, presentation skills and for career preparation such as application and interview training, grant proposal writing, intellectual property and patents, commercial aspects of chemistry.

The European Polymer Federation (EPF) will assist the network in training and dissemination through their summer schools and workshops. Moreover, ESRs and ERs will participate in industry-academia annual events of the Dutch Polymer Institute with over 40 European companies and thereby have unique opportunities for initial career steps.